50+ Stylish Partition Living Room Ideas

When you have an open floor plan, you might one day want to add partition to the room to separate the living room with other area in the same place. Or you can also put the room divider for decoration since it indeed has beautiful appearance. The partition living room is both functional but also interesting at the same time which can be a nice addition to your decoration.

The partition comes in various sizes, so you first need to know which one you want to get. The main thing that you need to think about is the length of the partition since it affects how much space the partition will need. So, make sure to measure the living room correctly to ensure there are enough space in the living area to put the partition on.

Next is to choose how high you want the partition to be. Especially when you have high ceiling in your living room, which means you might need a higher partition. Of course, if you want to keep it simple, then a normal partition should at least be higher than a normal person height. That way, people would not be able to see them passing around behind the divider.

Remember that having partition does not mean everything should be hidden behind. Sometimes it is enough when the partition can clearly divide the living room area. If that is the only purpose that you want, then you can choose partition that are transparent or can be clearly see through it.

Of course, a fully covered partition living room also useful especially when you want to hide the other area behind the partition. Do not forget that you can actually use permanent partition or a portable one according to your need. Choose one that is more suitable with your living situation and how well you want to maintain the room condition.

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40+ Marveolus Electric Fireplace Design Ideas For Your Home

To make your home feel homier, you might want to add electric fireplace. This fireplace can be use on various rooms such as living room, and bedroom. Since it is electric and does not need any chimney to operate which means you do not need to change the structure of your house to use it.

The best thing is, this fireplace can even be used without the heating feature, thus you can see the fireplace operates even when you do not need to make heat the room. Surely this will make the room feel warmer with the nice ambience that comes from the fireplace.

Furthermore, since it is electric, then the fireplace itself can have various marvelous design that will make the room appear more beautiful. It can also be put and mounted to various items and spots around the room.

However, when you want to use this type of fireplace, there are a lot of things that you need to think about. First you need to think on how big the fireplace that you want to get. Since this item comes in various sizes, so you can actually use it in any space.

Do not forget that you also need to consider the heating power of the fireplace. You need to make sure that the fireplace can really heat the room. The bigger your room is, then you need fireplace with better heating capacity. Of course, the condition of your room also affects the effectiveness of the fireplace, which is another thing that you need to consider.

Once all the basic things are covered, then you can try to choose the design of the fireplace to match with the room. No worries as this electric fireplace design really beautiful and it will surely make the room looked more beautiful as well. You can even use it as the focal point.

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35+ Stunning Diy Craft Room Ideas For Small Spaces

If you love doing DIY then you would also need to have a craft room. However, not everyone is blessed with large space that they can convert into a craft room. But do not worry since there are craft room ideas that you can use for small spaces that you can also DIY. The result is pretty amazing as this DIY is all about creativity.

First if the room have bare wall, then you can try to add some pegboard on it. This item is useful since you can then use them to hug various things that you use for your DIY project. You can also use the pegboard to organize your tool that you frequently use so you can easily reach them whenever necessary. Do not forget to put some decoration for your pegboard and color them if necessary.

Then if you need more storage, you can try to turn your old dresser into a craft storage. This dresser can be put into the corner of the craft room. Thus, you do not need to use a new cabinet if you cannot afford it. You can also DIY the dresser and change the appearance to match well with your craft room ideas.

Or if you do not like something that is stored inside a closed compartment, then you can try to use open shelving instead. However, try to use one that can be adjust such as adjustable shelving. That way, you can change the height whenever necessary. Especially since you might get different crafting supply in the future.

If you love any theme, then you can always use them to decorate the craft room. But if you do not have any specific theme, then you can try to use eclectic style instead. For more ideas, you can try to see some of these stunning DIY craft room ideas that you can use for small space.

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40+ Creative Fall Table Decoration Ideas

If you plan to have a dinner party for the fall holidays, then you surely need to have fall table decoration. This decoration can be a nice centerpiece for your table which surely able to make the table appear more beautiful during your dinner party.

When it comes to create the table decoration, you can be as creative as you want to be. You can even mix several items together such as candles, pumpkins, greenery, and many others. What you need to remember that they are need to have fall element and connection to the fall theme. You should also use them only in the right amount as they can become messy if you use too much of them.

Then, you can use table runner as the background of the center piece which will also act as a nice table decoration for fall. Next you can scatter a few gourds in small sizes around the table as a nice little addition.

Do not forget that fall also related to fruits. So, you can also use them as parts of your table decoration. Just create a fruit bowl with mixed of fruits in different color that will surely act as a great decoration for the fall season.

To add more interest to any centerpiece that you create, you can also try to add berry branches to the piece. It will add more color and elegant appearance on the table. You can also just put the branches on a silver vase for a simple approach of the decoration.

Of course, flower would always be the favorite fall decoration which you need to use in your table. Use delicate bud vases which you can put all over the tables for little decoration that will surely appear cute. As you can see, there are various fall table decorations that you can create as a vocal point.

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40+ Creative Diy Floating Shelves Decoration For Living Room

If you want to make your living room appear more interesting, then you might want to add some floating shelves which very easy to DIY by yourself. Furthermore, this type of floating shelves can be put in any space around the living area.

Thus, if you have weird nook, or unusable corner, then it might be the right place to put the floating shelves into. That way, you can make use all of the space in the living room efficiently without having to waste any.

That is why, before you create the shelf, you need to choose which area where you want to put the floating shelves. Then you can measure the area, so you will know the size of shelf that you will create later. If you want to, you can draw each part of the shelves then measure the space needed to put them.

Surely some people wanted to create DIY floating shelves because they wanted to get more place to organizing their items. If that happen, then you can surely create shelves with suitable height according to the items that you will need to put into the shelves later on.

Make sure that you choose the right material so the floating shelves will be more durable. Of course, you can use any material that you want especially for DIY project like this, you can even use wooden plank if you want to.

After the shelves are put in place correctly, then it is time to decorate it and make it more beautiful. You can put various items on the shelf such as frames, vase, book and many others. If you have a collection of something, then it is also a nice place where you can put them for display. If you want to get some inspiration for DIY floating shelves that you can use to decorate check here.

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