15+ Simple DIY Wall Art Ideas That You’ll Want for Your Home

Do you have that empty wall space and you don’t know what to do with it – how to occupy it properly? The default go-to option is always to hang pictures, but there’s a lot more to a well-decorated wall than that. If you’re looking for DIY wall art ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing a complete guide with 120 ideas and tutorials for wall art and decor project for your home. Use this vast selection of inspiring ideas to decorate your walls in a truly unique way with a lot of decor value.

DIY Wall Art Ideas

If you’d instead make your crafts than buy them, here are 35 DIY wall art ideas for you to choose from. Most of these come with tutorials so you’ll have no difficulties to replicate them at home.


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30+ Beautiful and Easy DIY Chandelier Ideas You Should Try

Looking to make your DIY chandelier and you need some guidance? Check out these 32 easy and lovely ideas with tutorials that you can try at home.

If you want to perk up your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, the solution is obvious. You have to do it yourself – make your decor accessories.

A DIY chandelier is a great way to light up your home (literally and figuratively) and feel good about it afterward, especially if you can involve reused eco-friendly materials in your project. And while there are hundreds of ideas out there, here we have 32 of our favorite DIY chandelier ideas that you can craft from just about any material available.

26+ Cute and Sweet Pillow Ideas For Kids

Kids always love something cute and sweet. And they want all of their items to be cute and sweet including pillows. That is why, you might want to choose the right pillows that the children can put in their room or their play area.

However, this pillow might not be suitable for sleeping as some of them have irregular shape which might not give enough support when used for sleeping. This type of pillow might be more suitable for decorating purpose as they have cute shape which make them appear sweet when used as decoration.

When you want to choose this type of pillow ideas for kids, you need to think about where the item might be put. That way, you can see the room theme then choose which pillow that will suit well with the theme.

You can also see the room color scheme which then also help you with choosing the pillow colors. Usually the pillow with the same shape might be available in various colors. But since it is for kids, it is also good if you want to make the room more colorful by adding pillows in different colors.

Some pillows might have a cover which then you can take off from the pillow and wash it when necessary. However, there are also some that does not have this, so you might need think of another way to be able to maintain the pillow.

If your kids have allergy then you might need to think about the pillow material. Most of them are not designed to be hypoallergenic so you need to carefully choose which material that safe for the kids.

Nevertheless, this pillow ideas for kids is all about appearance and decoration which can make the room look cute and sweet. Here are some of the ideas that you can choose and use them as decoration.

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