57+ Homely Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2019

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Not all house can have big kitchen, but even with small kitchen you can design it to be homey which is a good thing to have in every house. Of course, you might not have enough space in the kitchen to entertain your guests, but that does not mean you cannot have a great kitchen that you can enjoy with your family.

What important is to organize your kitchen so even though it is small, it can still be used efficiently. Start with planning the storage well, since it is one of the most important aspect for small kitchen. You want to make sure you have enough storage to keep everything that you need.

You can think about how you usually work on your kitchen and then plan storage of each items that you use. Make use every space available on the floor, on the wall and around the room for maximum number of storages.

Plan the work flow since you want it to flow smoothly. This is related to how you usually work in your kitchen and where you place the items as well as the work area that you want to use. Once the necessities are all set, then you can think about how to make the small kitchen appear more beautiful.

It is better when you use neutral or monochrome color scheme which will make the kitchen appear bright. That way, your kitchen will appear larger even though it is actually using small space.
If you do not want to use cabinet in your kitchen since the space is too small, then you can try to use shelves on the wall. These shelves will give enough space to put various things and organizing it easier. Do not forget when designing small kitchen, you also need to design the flooring well. This flooring will add more homey feeling to your kitchen.

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