50+ Stylish Partition Living Room Ideas

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When you have an open floor plan, you might one day want to add partition to the room to separate the living room with other area in the same place. Or you can also put the room divider for decoration since it indeed has beautiful appearance. The partition living room is both functional but also interesting at the same time which can be a nice addition to your decoration.

The partition comes in various sizes, so you first need to know which one you want to get. The main thing that you need to think about is the length of the partition since it affects how much space the partition will need. So, make sure to measure the living room correctly to ensure there are enough space in the living area to put the partition on.

Next is to choose how high you want the partition to be. Especially when you have high ceiling in your living room, which means you might need a higher partition. Of course, if you want to keep it simple, then a normal partition should at least be higher than a normal person height. That way, people would not be able to see them passing around behind the divider.

Remember that having partition does not mean everything should be hidden behind. Sometimes it is enough when the partition can clearly divide the living room area. If that is the only purpose that you want, then you can choose partition that are transparent or can be clearly see through it.

Of course, a fully covered partition living room also useful especially when you want to hide the other area behind the partition. Do not forget that you can actually use permanent partition or a portable one according to your need. Choose one that is more suitable with your living situation and how well you want to maintain the room condition.

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