40+ Lovely Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

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As girls grow older, they begin to develop a sense of character, style and individuality. ) Quite oftenthey will search to their bedroom because the very first location to start expressing personality. For a teenage girl, a bedroom is a refuge. It is in which they spend a great deal of time doing homework, talking on the phone, making hobbies, and hosting sleepovers and, of course, sleeping.

Transforming a bedroom into a personalized spot for self-expression does not signify the space needs a makeover. Straightforward answers, paired with input from your parent and daughter, might be implemented to offer a unique and personal texture to some teen’s bedroom. Listed below are several methods to use teen girl bedding to turn to a boring, dead room into some unique and personalized dream bedroom.

Create a Theme

A theme is a simple and fun way for teenagers to express themselves. From sports and hobbies to colors and patterns, for teen girls, bedding design can reflect what truly makes them happy, allowing them to appreciate and enjoy time spent in their room. A great way to start applying a theme is to look at what already exists within the room. Is there a theme that is already standing out – like cheerleading or the color blue? If so, try looking bedding with a similar theme. Once the bedding has been established, other factors such as size or shape customization and bedding or end table accessories can be considered.

Customize for Originality

Designer bedding and customizable bedding can help to furnish a bedroom that any teen would be proud to show off. If the usual stores you typically shop at do not offer your teen girls bedding preference, you may want to consider a designer option that could be as fashionable as it is comfortable. Another option is to customize for true originality, uniqueness and a sense of ownership. By thinking in terms of customization when choosing your girl’s teen bedding set, she can select a fabric that specifically meets her wants and needs. Also, consider mixing and matching the prints and patterns of sheets, comforters, pillowcases, bed skirts and more until it meets your teen’s personal style.

Add a Finishing Touch

After deciding on the perfect teen girl bedding, whether customized or themed, it’s time to pull the rest of the room together and finish creating a truly personalized sanctuary. This could mean finding the perfect floral lamp to match the your garden-like theme, or hanging up the blue, striped curtains you’ve had tucked away in the garage for years but now match your girl’s teen bedding perfectly. It really is the little things like hanging a piece of hand painted art work or throwing down a fancy rug or casual bean bag chair that completes the feel of a put-together and unique dream room.

Artistic Sensations was started in 1996 to fulfill the needs of parents who desire customized, high-quality furniture and bedding. Today, Artistic Solutions offers hundreds of unique, specialty items from dozens of top designers around the country. If you are interested in ideas for artistic or creative teen girl bedding options, Artistic Sensations can offer solutions including both custom and designer varieties. Find out how your girl’s teen bedding can enhance the entire bedroom in a unique and personal way.

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