40+ Creative Diy Floating Shelves Decoration For Living Room

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If you want to make your living room appear more interesting, then you might want to add some floating shelves which very easy to DIY by yourself. Furthermore, this type of floating shelves can be put in any space around the living area.

Thus, if you have weird nook, or unusable corner, then it might be the right place to put the floating shelves into. That way, you can make use all of the space in the living room efficiently without having to waste any.

That is why, before you create the shelf, you need to choose which area where you want to put the floating shelves. Then you can measure the area, so you will know the size of shelf that you will create later. If you want to, you can draw each part of the shelves then measure the space needed to put them.

Surely some people wanted to create DIY floating shelves because they wanted to get more place to organizing their items. If that happen, then you can surely create shelves with suitable height according to the items that you will need to put into the shelves later on.

Make sure that you choose the right material so the floating shelves will be more durable. Of course, you can use any material that you want especially for DIY project like this, you can even use wooden plank if you want to.

After the shelves are put in place correctly, then it is time to decorate it and make it more beautiful. You can put various items on the shelf such as frames, vase, book and many others. If you have a collection of something, then it is also a nice place where you can put them for display. If you want to get some inspiration for DIY floating shelves that you can use to decorate check here.

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