36+ Stunning Living Rooms With Matching Pillow Arrangements

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If you want to make your living room more stunning, then you can try to decorate the sofa with matching pillow arrangements. These arrangements will make the sofa appear more interesting with the matching organization of the pillow. Furthermore, with the pillow, the living room will also become more comfortable which is important for the living situation.

Now when you want to create this arrangement, first thing that you need to do is to choose the colors. It would be better when you do not use too many colors, so just use at maximum three colors for the arrangement.

When choosing the color, you need to see the overall color scheme of the living room. Make sure that the pillow you use also have the same color scheme or at least match well with the color scheme. You should also make sure that the color match well with the sofa where it would be put into.

If you want to use pattern, the rules are the same, which is to only use maximum three pattern for the pillow. This can be anything as long as the pattern match well with each other. However, there is additional rule which is to have the pattern in different sizes so they will be able to complete one another when you arrange them together.

Of course, you can always break those rules if you want as long as you know what you are doing. Designing is something that you need to do with creativity so the result will be stunning. Thus, there is actually no limit on anything that you want to try.

When creating the matching pillow arrangement, you also need to consider the number of pillows that you want to use. For more modern look, try to use

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