34+ Intelgent Rattan Bed Frame Designs You Will Love

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Rattan used to be an old fashion material that associated with grandmas in their eighty centuries. However, now, it has become trendy material used by many people who want to create natural and warm feeling in their house. One of the items that using this material is bed frame which currently become the new trend used by many people in their bedroom.

This bedframe has very beautiful appearance especially with unique rattan work used to create the bedframe. Furthermore, there are unlimited design that you can find in the market which make it even more unique and interesting.

The best thing is, this rattan material is actually very strong material which used to build houses in the old time. Which means you will get very strong bedframe that you can use for a long time.

This rattan bedframe is very suitable to be blend with various theme such as haute hippi and boho chic which also very trendy right now. It is also suitable for minimalist natural theme house that work well with modern lifestyle that people have nowadays. The point is, this bedframe works well for various theme, so you can be as creative as you want when designing it.

You can use bold color if you want something more fun and colorful in your bedroom. Or you can even use soft and more monochrome color if you want something more natural. The choice is limitless so you can use any color that you want.

You can also play with the decoration as you can mix and match the fabric on the bed to add more beauty to the bedframe. Use different fabric to give the rattan bed frame better contrast which will add more dept on the headboard. You can also add more decoration to the surrounding area such as adding rug under the bed frame to make it more interesting.

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