30+ Smart Bathroom Shower Rock Floor Tile Design Ideas

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One part of the shower that you need to pay attention is the flooring especially when you want to create a smart bathroom design. There are various choices of flooring that you can choose and one of the best is tile flooring.

This flooring has beautiful designs which make the option become unlimited. And for shower area, rock tile or stone tile had always become one of the most favorite one. The reason is because of the natural appearance which will make the bathroom design appear nice.

It is also a classic option which will make the bathroom floor appear timeless so you can use it for a long time. The best thing is, this flooring also suitable for various themes from traditional, contemporary to modern. Everything will work well with this rock floor tile as long as you know which design to choose.

Remember that when it come to rock floor tile, there are two types of tiles that you can choose. The first one is a real rock tile which created from a natural rock. Then the second one is a man-made rock tile which created from other materials but with rock appearance.

Both are equally beautiful; however, they have different properties so you will need to do different maintenance when using them. The real rock tile will need to be resealed after some times, so you need to remember to do so. Meanwhile the man-made rock tile does not need that kind of maintenance.

Furthermore, you should remember that the real rock tile will be more expensive since it is made from natural rock. Meanwhile the man-made rock tile can be obtained in pretty affordable price.
Nevertheless, both are equally beautiful when you want to use them as rock floor tile design for your shower smart bathroom. Here are some designs that you can use as ideas.

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