10+ Stunning Round Designs in Home Interior

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The earliest architectural purposed housing; teepees, igloos and yurts, were designed as round homes. As reflected in nature, they were safer in high winds and storms, and stronger in an earthquake. These round designs eventually were modified into stick built homes. Some added a stone exterior to enhance the facade and for insulation. A round home is easier and more economical to heat and cool, and less expensive to build per square foot.

Forty years ago a round sunken living room was all the rage, people loved the aesthetics and it was more conducive to conversation when one could easily see the group. As frequently happens, that interior design has come back into style. There are countless sofa shapes to fit a round construction. Choose seating for seven in a plush, overfilled microfiber sectional in warm colors with loose pillow backing. Headrests are an interesting addition to this sleek design.
Among the many comfortable round sofa designs, nothing is more timeless than handcrafted Italian leather. Warm, luxurious soft glove leather in an array of colors, from buttery yellow to deep cocoa, and everything in between will accommodate guests and family very nicely.

Beautiful ceiling lighting such as a semi-flush mount, three light fixture would be lovely over the center of the round sofa area. The frosted round glass shades soften the lighting while still offering adequate illumination. Styled in bronze or or polished nickel, both are modern and elegant for a living room, dining room or family area.
Add a little bling to your seating area with a classy chandelier. Glass and steel in a bronze or nickel finish, the round fixture is a tasteful arrangement of round bubble like glass clustered in an ascending outline. The variety of width sizes and variation of small to large round shapes would fit any size room. What could be more tasteful in a selective lighting design?

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Elsa Troutt